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The Booking Holdings name change was a monumental step for The Priceline Group. They needed an identity that was both reflective of being innovators and real-time data specialists, but also catalysts to helping people travel the world and have meaningful experiences. They approached us to help them create a fresh new identity and website. The challenge was to bridge the gap between the emotional experience vs. data- powered services that Booking Holdings provides. We took the theme of connective experiences and all of their data points to develop a cohesive brand system, including a new logo, print collateral and presentation material. The dots comprising the Booking Holdings logo is also the connective tissue that visually ties the sub brands of the company together.

Booking Holdings logo before and after
website mobile version screen shots
Pride version of the Booking Holdings Logo on a tshirt
Branded cup
Website interface animated with bottom logo drawer
Booking Holdings Business Card Designs
Slides Deck with brand data points


OrangeYouGlad created presentation materials for Booking Holdings and its sub brands.

Slide from presentation deck design


The annual Sustainability Report reflects the company's dedication to the environment as well as to the people and places that make travel such a rewarding experience.

Sustainability report covers
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