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The Motherhood Center Illustration
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​​The Motherhood Center of New York (TMC) is a necessary new resource for new moms in the city struggling with the roller coaster of postpartum depression. A topic close to our hearts, we were honored to be a part of bringing this project to life through branding, print and web design. The branding focused directly on mothers and families deep in the weeds of PPD, so we wanted TMC to feel like a trusted, warm and welcoming resource. In this vein we used a life raft as part of the logo to represent a symbol of hope in the new and uncharted territory of parenthood. Supporting colorful illustration and custom pattern brings the brand to life, creating a rich and diverse visual story.


OrangeYouGlad designed the logo for The Motherhood Center of New York featuring a life preserver as its main mark, symbolic of the struggle new mothers and birthing people face and the resources TMC provides. 

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Motherhood Center Poster Design


We worked with TMC to design and build out their twin sites - one for mothers and birthing people and the other for care providers. These robust environments had to be designed with different audiences in mind while retaining the brand's design and values.

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