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VideoOut Business Cards
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Videout websit homepage design





We were so proud to work with VideoOut on the redesign of their branding, collateral and website. We strongly believe in and support VideoOut’s mission to “illuminate the LGBTQ+ experience." VideoOut is a central hub for information, stories, journalism, and community about the LGBTQ+ experience. They "combat misinformation, confusion and erasure — and we make the world feel a little more like home for everyone."


What started as a video library of personal stories has grown into a force for empathy, education, equality and liberation, that dismantels discrimination. The structure of the logo is that of a video play button built upon a stripe pattern inspired by Gilbert Baker’s design of the rainbow gay pride flag. Our goal was to not only make a logo that was clear in purpose but that carried with it the weight and importance of the work being done. This, along with the website and print collateral for hosted events, allowed us to bring their mission visually to life.

Tell us your story graphic
Speak Out poster design
Graphic motif of video screen stripes


It was important that all collateral looked full of pride.

Poster design for Video Out
Thumbnails from videos of people telling their stories
A canvas tote bag with the VideoOut logo
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