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Sticky Lickits Logo done by OrangeYouGlad
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Beautiful site design for sticky lickits done by OrangeYouGlad


Web Design


When Linda from StickyLickits called and asked, “How would you like to help brand an edible sticker company?” we jumped through the roof!! We collaborated with the StickyLickits team to create a kid-focused, parent-friendly, healthy-eating-encouraging brand for an entirely NEW sort of product — stickers you can eat!

We created a logo and identity system that captures the whimsical nature of the brand by using a custom hand-drawn typeface and striped tongue. The mark communicates “edible” while referencing a key aspect of product use — licking the sticker before sticking it on food. As the first artist collaborator on StickyLickits packs we illustrated two unique sets:Doodle Dums and Making Faces. Other extensions of the branding that we developed include a responsive website, packaging design and a comprehensive social media strategy and templates.

Packaging picture of Sticky Lickets on Green Background
Typographic Specimen of special custom font done by OrangeYouGlad


We custom designed a hand-drawn typeface for StickyLickits that embodies the playful nature of the product.

Animation of "stickers you can eat"
Line up of entire sticky lickit packaging done by OrangeYouGlad, on a purple background
Sticky Lickits packaging done by OrangeYouGlad agasint a green background
Silly eye and mouth sticker on a watermelon slice
StickyLickits with celery on teal background
StickyLickit stickers on oranges, against a yellow background
Green apple with Stickylickits stickers on magenta background
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