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Every chance we get to flex our illustration skills is a treat and offers a richer brand language to a project when appropriate.

Google Enterprise Illustrations
UlyssesPress Illustration of a person with a long nose
PRPC house illustration
MFP people illustration and foods
Black and white illustration of an octopus


Understated and reductive, these illustrations add just enough personality to a pared down brand language.

Care Cant wait carnation illustration
WDFG flower pattern illustration


Sometimes we go BOLD! Bold lines, color pairings and shapes are sometimes just the right ingredients for the right brand identity.

MFP illustrations Background pattern
LunaPark Concept Art, figure riding an airplane


Trust us when we say we can get funky too. Silly and off-beat characters and scenes are the stuff of our dreams.

lighthouse international film festival program illustration


When an entire composition needs to be illustrated for a richer environment effect we are very careful to maintain a balance between design elements and the illustrative composition that feels detailed, encompassing warm and cohesive.

Safer Places Illustration on Street Scene
Film Festival Characters
Marquis Studios student in wheelchair illustration people illustration
OrangeYouGlad Mascots
Toca TV icon illustration
PRPC community illustration with connected dots
character builder illustration
The MotherhoodCenterof New York mom and baby


We can provide brand with unique ways to represent people in their work. We cover all kinds of styles and add are able to create diverse and inclusive illustrations, that are full of personality.

textured letter C - 36 days of type cat
textured tiger illustration
brooklyn strategist brochure illustrations
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