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MyFitnessPal, an industry leader in weight loss and fitness apps, approached OrangeYouGlad to help with a major update across the platform: moving it from a static and info-dense utility, to a proactive, easy-to-use, and essential health tool. We partnered with their researchers to better understand flaws in the user journey, as well as user feedback. This resulted in the creation of a new user experience complete with additional user features and a new design system.


Branding-wise, we were challenged with taking what was once perceived as utiitarian branding and making it feel warm, approachable and easy to interact with. The result of this was a new, color-saturated language, bringing together fun patterns,  bold colors and clean shapes used in marketing layouts and illustrations.

myfinessalpa log
myfitnesspal dashboard screen on mobile phone


The color palette was inspired by the rich variety of foods in the MyFitnessPal’s vast database.

app of the day visual design
design elements in social post template
icon system design yorangeyouglad
scrolling UI of MFP dashboard
graphic style for social post on hydration
delicious bowl of healthy food


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