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We had the honor of working with Google to expand their enterprise products illustration system (originally created by Timo Kuilder). Their products serve a wide range of users, from small business owners to large retail companies. With this in mind, our team prioritized concepts that are informative, user-focused, and sprinkled with delight. The final library of images ranged from small UI abstractions to hero and spot illustrations. The body of work is a smart, approachable, inclusive and cohesive system across all enterprise products.

Various llustrations of woman doing daily tasks
Illustrations next to sketches
abtract UI interface and man in wheelchair illustration
empty states and small spot illustrations
Google enterprise illustration of bar charts by OrangeYouGlad
Google Illustration for Anayltics by OrangeYouGlad
Google Illustration abstract UI - by OrangeYouGlad

A Range of Subjects

From feature icons and marketing objectives to empty/error states, our illustrations communicate complex subjects in a clear and personable manner.

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