OrangeYouGlad spotted in New Balance video

A few weeks ago some friendly fellows from New Balance used our colorful gate to shoot their new Brooklyn sneakers against. Here is the video they made! And here is the fragment of a second that shows our gates that I so effortlessly managed to capture, thanks to my expert pausing technique.

MAD ninja video pausing skills.

They also sent us some sneakers, which was super nice. Thanks guys!


I am alone today. No intern Aimee. Do you know what this means?????

8 solid work hours of KPOP blasting through the studio.

I love MYG.

A very secretive part of my life that is tucked very deep and far away from my loved ones is my passionate love for kpop. Years before Psy came horse stomping his way onto the scene, I have been compiling youtube videos and memorizing some SICK dance moves. I decided to dance out one of my favorite kpop videos Dal Shabet – Have Don’t Have Electro Swing Mix. For those who are interested, I have a playlist of songs I like. Consider it an intro to kpop. K-Pop taking over my life


Hello readers. If you’ve been religiously following the MattYouGlad blog, then you might might be saying to yourself “Who is that lady hanging out with Matt The-Coolest-Kid Schoch?”

No one really knows.

UNTIL NOW! The excellent designer, illustrator and dancer seen in several animated gifs is the one and only Aimee Pong!

She is really good! Check out her illustrations. Wonderful right? It’s one of several reasons why we asked her to be our intern for the fall season.

She fits right in.

Side note: Not only have I seized the company MYG, but I have also taken hostage my former boss’ car. HAHAHA! First destination, the airport to pick up my boo, then off to MEXICO!


Our new Senior Graphic Designer, Constance Leonard is a lovely addition to the MattYouGlad team! In fact, she has already established herself in the Our Team section! She’s great! She lives in Greenpoint, swears like a drunken sailor at clients and is currently in the process to take the throne from Queen Elizabeth II. Only two of those things are true. Can you guess which?

The unfortunate thing for MYG though is that she has already left us temporarily for a vacation to Hawaii. She committed to it well before she accepted the job with us. What is MattYouGlad’s thoughts on this?

Whatever! We have our own Hawaii right here! Thanks internet!

Guess What!!

Our tumblr has over 110,000 followers! Can you believe it?? And just two weeks before our big
Will Draw for Animals!

Check out the site and while you’re there, donate. You will receive a drawing of your favorite animal and the donated money will go to support BARC, a killer no-kill animal shelter here in Brooklyn.

It was only 3 months ago that we were super proud to reach 50,000. The internet is wild!


Yesterday we reached (and surpassed) 50,000 followers for our OYG Draw tumblr! We are continuing to draw food in various forms and are looking to initiate a new “theme” for the coming months. Stay tuned to OYG Draw for the latest illustrations!

Does anyone trust Yummy Rummy?

I order lunch a lot. I fully admit that I spend all my money and create waste via paper/plastic packaging/plasticware every single day by ordering my lunch from the neighborhood businesses. They’re just so good! Scouts honor I’ll start making my lunch from home next week…

Delivery, if you ignore them will sometimes give you 5 bucks as incentive to use them. Seamless doesn’t give you any deals, so screw those guys! Grub Hub, now these people give you the Yummy Rummy with every third order. A free drink or 10 bucks off your next order can actually happen by selecting the right confection. Even a chance to win free food for a year! I by no means believe I’ll win that but…. maybeeeeee!

A few times the food-tube super lunch chef Deanna, joins in on an order. She is however, quite skeptical of how Yummy Rummy works. She points out that there is nothing stopping them from cheating you out of a win. Grub Hub could say “Wrong!” and reveal to you that the fortune cookie was actually the free drink and not your googly-eyed mint friend. She speculates that regardless of any card you select, Grub Hub could say “Wrong!” I don’t like this. It’s the elevator close door button that doesn’t actually do anything. It’s the diet soda that isn’t actually good for anyone on a diet.
Lies! All of them!

I don’t like this one bit. I don’t like it and so I choose to believe in the good nature and hearts of mankind, no matter how naïve. I’ll keep drinking stupid sodas and pushing whatever buttons I choose! And everyday, around 12:01, I will select a new dessert friend to join me in a coupon victory!!

The ABC of Architects

I love this so much! I am sharing it so you can love it too.

pinning on Pinterest perchance?

Seriously I love Pinterest.

I’m not the most active pinner, but of all the social media tools, Pinterest is the one that most successfully prompts me to action: from kid’s crafts to recipes to hair dos to wardrobe purchasing. I’m not just collecting, I’m doing.

Perhaps it’s because for the most part pins serve as a vote for a product, idea, concept, or service from another member of the community and not from the source itself (in theory…). I like that by pinning I’m able to say “I dig your stuff” to the original creator while passing the good word along to my friends.

I’m sure we’ll start to see more and more sponsored pins, or clearly promotional pins. But for the time being I enjoy the unsolicited endorsement vibe of the folks I’ve chosen to follow.

For work it’s replaced Google image search as my go-to inspiration. I find that pinned images are better taken – Pinterest serves as a lesson in the power of engaging photography – and better cataloged. And if I’ve found one object of interest, like “Art Deco Posters,” I’ll likely find more

Additionally, there are some wonderfully addicted pinners out there whose curated boards I visit frequently: (Andrew Kolb - Illustration, Seamless Creative – Design, Joy Cho – Lovely things enthusiast). But more on them in the next post…

For today’s Pinterest Love post, I thought I’d share a pinboard from each of the folks here at OYG.


Deanna: Infinite Money Wardrobe

Buying gifts for Deanna has never been easier – especially if you know where to find this pinboard AND you’ve recently knocked over a bank.  Her last 10 pins or so are showing clear preference for black+tans this fall.



Matt: Man Duds

We’d all like to see Matt wearing this bowtie and a yellow poncho. Infact he just has to so his yellow boots (pinned and purchased!) don’t get lonely.


Veronica: Imaginary House

“Where is the imaginary house?” One might ask.

“Its a Loftsion* on the Queens Francuador Riviera**” Veronica might answer. “To get there you catch the take the train from the 9 3/4 platform. IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN ZOMG.”

* Loft + Mansion

** Queens New York + France + Ecuador + Riviera-esq

Tammy: Food that looks like other stuff

So far I’ve made the the Watermelon Hedgehog, the Watermelon Icecream cake and The Santa Brownies. I’m currently looking for an excuse to make the spagetti hotdogs. Nobody has invited me and these hotdogs over to a party… yet.


And last but not least Mary, who has a pretty wicked tumblr, but no Pinterest account. Let’s post a pinboard just for her. Pictured below is the Spooky board by Mike Kostyo


This week’s inspiration

I’m sure you guys have been on Pintrest before. Maybe you were looking at some wooden spoons dipped in neon lacquer or illustrations of a dog eating a bear, or DIY tutorials teaching you how to make your hair look like a tree house, etc. I’m sure you have also come across INSPIRATIONAL QUOTES! YES! In experimental type treatments so you will definitely remember to Live! Laugh! Love! Never forget.

We have decided to add to that vast online collection. Maybe someone will pin these, too, and we will glow inside knowing that we have changed someone’s outlook on life forever.