Friday. Bread-day.

Matt Will made a fantastic, warm, crusty loaf of country bread this morning AND brought it in to share with us. That was so nice. It has wild yeast in it. I asked Matt, “Matt, where did you get the wild yeast?”

“Everywhere. It’s in the flour, on your hands….”

“What. What?” I stopped thinking about it too much. It is delicious and that’s all that matters.

The ABC of Architects

I love this so much! I am sharing it so you can love it too.

Will Draw for Food Wrap Up

Thank you!
Hello everyone! We were so excited and touched by the number of generous people who donated to the New York City Food Bank through Will Draw for Food. It really meant a lot to us. We also want to thank all of the artists who took time out of their busy day to help us draw 194 food inspired pictures. You are the BEST and we couldn’t have done it without you!

Two days before the event OrangeYouGlad tweeted at Ed Emberley, asking if he’d like to donate a drawing or two. Because Twitter is magical, he noticed our message and hosted his own family draw-a-thon over Thanksgiving. Four lucky donors will receive drawings from Ed Emberley, Rebecca Emberley, Michael Emberley, and Marie-Louise Fitzpatrick! How cool is that? Thank you Emberleys!

Ed Emberley and Michael Emberley draw by candelight.
Arroz con Pollo
Arroz con Pollo by Michael Emberley
Rebecca and Marie-Louise
Rebecca Emberley and Marie-Louise Fitzpatrick drawing!
Sweet Potato
Sweet Potato by Marie-Louise Fitzpatrick

Finally, we’d like to thank our corporate donors: Social Guide for donating money for supplies, The Wine Sisterhood for supplies and a $500 match, Alissa Neil P.R. for their publicity work, and Little Rhody Press for donating drawing paper. We are so lucky to work with you and appreciate your shared enthusiasm for our cause!

For those who are curious about when we’re shipping the drawings—we’re hoping to get everything in the mail by December 4th, so you’ll receive it in time for the holiday. Due to the positive response, we’re already planning good things for next year’s draw-a-thon. WATCH OUT and stay updated here via our tumblr OYG Draw!




Orgran Toasted Crispibread

I’m going to preface this post by saying that, at one point, I thought I had gluten intolerance. I still may. I don’t know. It is an untimely process of elimination after an assault of tests or, more likely, divination.

I’ve tried many gluten-free products to bolster a mostly gluten-free food existence. Listen, I’m not doing this because it’s all-the-rage or suffer from bread guilt or whatever. I love pasta. I love bread. Neither make me feel good anymore and it’s a sadness words cannot express. The expensive rice bread disintegrates into a powdery pulp as soon as it makes contact with saliva. The quinoa pasta sticks to itself. Gluten is the life-glue of every warm homemade roll and piece of pie and mound of lasagna worth eating.

It’s hard to know what gluten-free products will taste good. A cracker is a product I can usually live without, but sometimes I want to put cheese on a hard, flat surface and then put it into my mouth. It’s a psychological vehicle for dairy.

The Orgran Toasted Crispibread (yes the ‘i’ is italicized on the box) is something I found at Park Natural and was hopeful it could become my go-to cracker. The reviews were mixed. Veronica, Matt, and I discuss its qualities for your pleasure.*

*The following transcript represents the opinions of individuals and does not reflect OrangeYouGlad’s values and/or opinions.

V    “It’s like eating an idea of a food.”

D    “So you like it?”

V    “I was confused the whole time I was eating it…but then I want another one.”

M    “It’s a form of torture.”

D    “Do you want to elaborate on that?”

M    “It’s like munching on a husk…”

V    “of a dream.”

M    “…like a stale husk. A husk is more appetizing than this.”

V    “Wait, do you really hate it? Can I have another one? Thanks.”

——- Three hours later ——-

M    “Are you still eating those?”

D    “Only because they exist.”


Adobe Lust


Urban Rebounding: An Essay

How I feel about trampolines.

Urban rebounding. “Are you serious?” was my thought when Jessie (best friend) suggested we take this group exercise class together. We’ve been at it for the past ten months, but stepping onto that dangerous plane of synthetic black took a medium amount of arm-pulling.

It had something to do with the last time I was on a trampoline, the summer before 9th grade. I was babysitting two neighborhood kids and thought of myself a hip babysitter. You know, the ones who play pretend and hold a similar, if not greater, enthusiasm for whatever the adventure.

They had a giant trampoline in the back yard, and as noon rolled around and lunch settled into our stomachs, we headed outside for a bounce. Jumping up and down is only entertaining for an inch of time. We often needed a set of arbitrary rules or invisible obstacles, like lava, so we could jump with purpose.


The SVA Internship Fair

Yes, it’s true. OYG went back to school this past Thursday and met many, many lovely students eager to find internships for the summer. If you stopped by our table, you may have entered the “Tell Us What You’re Glad For” contest. We received a handful of entries, but there was only one winner. Sorry. It’s a good one, though, we promise. Come back soon for our blog post featuring ______  _________. You thought I was going to tell you? Come. On.

Below is a summary of our strategy for sifting through the crowd and making as many friends as possible:

We’re happy to report that it did indeed work. If you find yourself at a large, awkward party at any point in the future, wear DayGlo and bring a bag of gummy bears for sharing. You will make friends immediately.

Thanks to SVA for having us and everyone who stopped by to say “hello.” It was preeettty fun. See you next time!

Silly String

Here, I’ve made an abstract art piece using materials found on the sidewalk near P.S. 58. It addresses the transient nature of emotion, youth, and how parties are just really awesome.

Siri, I don’t do Siri

Veronica decided to converse with the Siri on my phone this afternoon. We’ve discovered a few things about her.

  1. She was designed in California
  2. She has ambitions to write a lengthy play where nothing happens
  3. She will not marry any of us
  4. She favors smug sarcasm over corny, predictable humor (see image for reference)
  5. She knows my name and how to pronounce it (beyond the skill set of most mortals)

Soon Siri will become sentient and destroy my life by slowly releasing all of my private data to every credit card company on the Internet. She may even assume my identity, call my friends and family more often than I do, and order takeout that she won’t ever be capable of eating. Maybe she is already doing it. But until it becomes a problem, we’ll just enjoy her company. And wit. And condescension.

The Best Christmas Cookie I’ve Ever Seen

Hanging out with my family can yield magical results. I walk in from a hectic afternoon of shopping on Christmas Eve with Mom and found Dad alone in the kitchen paging through a coffee table book entitled Bridges. A few moments later, I approach the sweets table looking for a delicious item to put in my mouth and spy the most perplexing Christmas cookie I’ve ever seen. The bowling ball faced ginger bear needed its own, very special homage.

Trouble on the Europabrücke

Legend of the Lupu

The beast of Hukawng Valley

Oh NO!