I am really jealous of this dog.

Style Alert

I’m probably about 2-3 months late to this news – Sillybandz are out. WHY DIDNT ANYBODY TELL ME?!?! I’ve looked like a fool with all these silly bandz on.

A few good things that happened this week.

A quick round up of this week has a few brief highlights.

1. This jumbo rainbow merengue cookie from the frenchy crepe place on smith: Provence En Boite.

2. My daughter requested not one but 5 pony tails. Happy to oblige her.

An important lesson in keeping your designers happy.

One of our clients sent us the little bundle of chocolate shown below. You can tell we really “get” each other. Thanks Kim!

Today at Yesterday’s News

Remember when I said I would post stuff from Yesterday’s News here every week? I lied to you. Through my teeth.

Anyway, I do love this store and my obsession with it is coinciding nicely with my addiction to Mad Men. Mid-century furniture, YES! These are the things I loved today (none of which are mid-century furniture):

1. Thermos. It weighed like 50 pounds and it is probably made out of lead. Perfect for the kids! $6

2. Groovy mugs. I love any kind of mugs or glasses. If you ever want to just spend money on me for no apparent reason, these are a guaranteed hit.

3. The New Baby! I love Little Golden Books 4 realz. I was almost going to get this and then I remembered I’m going to have a REAL new baby in like 7 weeks.

4. Letters. They are just plastic letters, but they are rad and you can pretend you are a P.I. in the 40′s and stick them to your door but really you are just playing W.O.W. in private. 2 for $1.

428 Court St (between 2nd Pl & 3rd Pl) if you want to visit, though call first. They are closed Mondays, rainy days, gloomy days and also whenever they feel like it – BUT it’s getting nice out so they will be open all the time! Yes!

Data Visualization. Cool S***.

So, while attending an AIGA lecture last month entitled Data Visualization: Methods and Madness I listened to Kate Carmody, the first speaker of the evening, promote Talk to Me, an upcoming exhibition she’s curating at the MoMA. Kate’s presentation explored how people interact with objects, during which she referenced probably the best thing I’ve ever seen…multi-hued poo.

Maybe I love this because it’s a socially inappropriate blog topic. Okay but, it’s also an amazing idea. Designers Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg and James King, in collaboration with Cambridge University’s International Genetically Engineered Machine (iGem) team, created a low-cost diagnostic kit that employs a pigment-producing strain of E.coli whose colorful secretions can be seen by the human eye.

iGem developed the bacteria, but it was Alexandra and James who took this technology and helped the team find useful, human-centric applications for the little guys. Here’s the concept. You ingest E.chromi bacteria in the form of a capsule or delicious yogurt and subsequently they populate within your digestive tract, mingling with your internal flora. If all is healthy, they’ll secrete a pigment that turns your turd blue. If the bacteria encounter a chemical change caused by disease, they’ll produce other colors indicative of that abnormality. Ideally the bacteria could be personalized to mark for diseases based on an individual’s genetic susceptibility. Does your family have a history of colon cancer? You’d be able to test for that in your home!

Visualize this. Affordable, comfortable self-diagnostics replacing current, often invasive and/or expensive technologies. It’s an incredible application that, although presently lacking implemental logistics, would change the dynamic of many health care systems. Let’s make this real, folks. I want my very own scatalog.