Lighthouse Film Festival Crossword Answers

This weekend is the 2015 Lighthouse International Film Festival in LBI, New Jersey. If you are lucky enough to be there this weekend, you may have noticed the OrangeYouGlad crossword on the back of the program guide (and if you’re not there, there’s still time! Go go go!). If you find yourself stumped, or if you want to check your answers, have a look after the break. Also be sure check out the design work we did for the festival this year, including a new logo and branding.


Answers, beyond… No cheating!


Monster Project!

I’m so excited to have been a part of this year’s Monster Project. The idea of the project is to inspire creativity in kids by taking their monster drawings and handing them to designers to see how they translate those ideas. The monster I was paired with with so amazing in it’s original form. It was a lot of fun to expand on it and come up with some special powers for what I called The Monster Surrogate.

Peep my interpretation and its list of specs below, and be sure to check out the full monster gallery here!


MONSTER SURROGATE | German-engineered*

BANANA FUEL | For efficiency

TELEPATHIC ARMS | Located on the head, these retractable arms help with quick motion and for grabbing distant space bananas.

FRIEND HANDS | Smaller gloves are controlled directly with operator hands, for meeting and shaking hands with other monster surrogates.

BREAD SHIELD | Built-in protective regenerative bread shield to distract hungry enemies

WINGS | For steering. Can also be frozen and consumed as popsicles

* this detail was inspired by the German flag coloration of the background, as well as by the attention to detail in the suit’s design



2 ways to get your own Will Draw For Smiles drawing

There are 2 ways to get your own drawing in the next 2 days:

You can bid on pieces drawn by select artists in our silent auction


You can donate to our charity fundraiser and get a your own custom drawing! We want to draw “what makes you smile”


Will Draw for Smiles!

Will Draw for Good is back and we’re so excited about this year’s Draw-a-thon for Smile Train. Also for the first time, the Will Draw for Good Draw-a-thon will take place on both coasts – Brooklyn, NY and Portland, OR.

Donate $25 or more, tell us what makes you smile, and get a custom illustration from one of our fabulous artists. Hint hint…the illustrations make great holiday gifts for your family, friends and co-workers.

Spread the word! Everyone deserves a smile.

For more information, visit our Will Draw website, the donation site or download our presskit.



New work!

It’s been a busy past few months at OrangeYouGlad. Check out some of the new projects we’ve been working on in the Work Section. Here’s a peek:


Priceline Group

LBI Film Festival ’14


Bonstra | Haresign ARCHITECTS

Connie and Matt are ROBOTS

Step back daft punk, scooch down the bench tpain, please leave drake. There is a new band in town with some SICK ROBOT MUSIC. We have to settle on a name but for now refer to us BoBotto

We will take over the world

OYG visits the Royal Palms

This past Sunday the OYG team decided to spend some good times playing shuffleboard at the Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club in our neighbor neighborhood the Gowanus area. The place is beautiful! Everything felt like a Wes Anderson movie down to font choice and the live band.

Check out this beautiful bathroom wall situation:

Here is a little breakdown of how to play: Get it inside the lines in order to score. If it all touches a line, nada points! the widest and farthest box is -1o. Watch out!

Here are our VICTORIES!

Tammy the Hammer!

Matto Dynomito!

Mary the Piledriver!

Connie the Con Artist!

Here is a good re-enactment!

all in all a great night!!


OrangeYouGlad now on AirPnP (the airbnb of bathrooms)

Sometimes it’s hard to find bathrooms in the city, so we thought we would help. Charming Carroll Gardens Commode

Happy 2014!

Happy new year from OrangeYouGlad! We hope your first Monday of the new year went well, and that you’re easily remembering to write those 4s instead of 3s.

To celebrate our existence in this futuristic period, and also our survival of blizzard Hercules, here are some Improbable Snowmen created by our very own Matt Shoch.