OrangeYouGlad is small, multi-disciplinary design studio located in Brooklyn NY. The company was founded in 2001 by Mary DeMIchele, Monica Hsu and Tammy Duncan. Our goal was to create the kind of company we always wanted to work for; meaning fun projects we could be proud of, lovely clients, a casual environment and a closing time of no later than 5:30pm. Sometimes we'll even throw a party.


We do web design and development, print design and branding and logo work. Our dream project* is to be able to work with our clients on their brand identity and provide all the goodies that go along with it from business cards, to website, in-store packaging, event posters, tshirts, acceptance speeches and more. Our second favorite thing is ice cream. Our third favorite thing is to continue to work with the brands we've created (or nurtured)—growing with them as our client's business grows.

*if you already have a much loved brand, no worries, you can still be our dream project! We'll adopt your brand as our own.


Find the uniqueness in every project.

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  • web design
    • brochureware sites
    • blogs
    • ecommerce
    • applications
    • social networking sites
    • promotional sites
    • flash and animation
    • mobile sites
    • mobile apps
    • information architecture
  • print design
    • brochures
    • postcards
    • books and publications
    • corporate materials
    • programs
    • annual reports
    • invitations and event materials
    • cd packaging album design
  • logo and branding design
    • logo design
    • stationery and corporate systems
    • style guides
    • supporting graphics
    • signage and environmental
  • product design and conceptualization
    • tshirts
    • toys
    • packaging for products
    • you name it...
  • illustration - whenever and wherever it fits in

Essentially any fun, creative, interesting or near and dear organizations or businesses. These tend to be non profits, arts organizations, local businesses, start ups, food or kids related or simply a new challenge or industry we are eager to design for. That means you!